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Devlin's Desire Blurb & Excerpt

Imprint: Ellora’s Cave
Devlin’s Desire by Sapphire Blue
Release date: 11/2/07
Genre: Shapeshifter

Devlin Decatur is a shape shifter who refuses to accept his heritage. He’s a millionaire playboy and nothing else. Until, she enters the picture. She belongs to the same tribe that Devlin refuses to be a part of; she is the one that has come to take him back to the Gungi Rain Forest so that he can save their tribe. She is the one who makes him quiver with need.
Gabriella Kincaid is on a mission to save her people. She’s traveled far and will go to any lengths to see this mission through, even sacrifice her body. But Gabriella soon realizes that giving herself to Devlin is not a sacrifice, but a submission to the scorching heat that simmers between them.
Devlin and Gabriella find consolation in both their feline and erotic connection. But when danger threatens their lives, their distraction could prove deadly.

***Note: Contains a brief scene of male/male sexual contact.***


Cursing, he headed back into the crowd, excusing himself and giving brief nods of hellos and goodnights as he headed toward the elevator. Slamming his palm into the “up” button, he impatiently slipped his hands into his pockets.
It was then that he felt it.
The slithery sensation of being watched. His body stilled, but he did not turn. If someone was behind him, they weren’t going to act out here in the open. He inhaled, catching a scent that was elusive, yet familiar.
His nose twitched. The scent was female, an aroma he would recognize anywhere. It was the intoxicating smell of pussy. Not the soft, buttery smell of a freshly cleaned crotch, but the heady, musky scent of a woman fully aroused. It was thick and heavy, hovering like a blanket waiting to be dropped. His entire body warmed.
The elevator doors opened and he stepped inside, wondering if she were hungry enough to stalk him—would she continue the chase?
On the ride up, Devlin pulled his tie off and stuffed it into his pocket. All his senses were alert, the smallest sound in the empty elevator magnified like an echo. Unbuttoning the top buttons of his shirt, he smirked. Would the mystery woman be standing outside the elevator doors when they opened? She hadn’t joined him on the elevator, but he knew she was still following.
Her scent still lingered and he licked his lips, imagining the taste. She would be dripping wet, the aroma was too strong for her not to be. She would be plump, her vulva thick and aching to be kissed. Her clit would be hard to the point of pleasurable pain.
His cock already hurt with the immediate pressure of his thoughts. So much so that he couldn’t resist moving a hand down to grasp the rigid length. With a moan, he inhaled again and thrust once, then twice, through his pants into his open palm. This action did not help. Wherever this pussy was, he wanted it, badly.
Devlin had to admit the slightest twinge of disappointment when he stepped off the elevator to the fifteenth floor and she wasn’t there. He walked down the long hallway to his office, angry at himself for being so quickly and totally aroused. Once inside, he made his way to his desk, flicked on the lamp and began collecting the papers for the HHC account. He was tossing the papers into his briefcase when he heard the sound.
Like a whisper in the air, she stepped inside the room. He paused, but did not look up. His heart hammered and his cock lurched. The door clicked shut, the lock sliding into place with a distinctive pop. She walked purposefully toward him, willing him to acknowledge her. With every ounce of strength he could muster, Devlin did not.
“I need a moment of your time,” she said in a voice so thick and erotic it matched the heady scent of her essence.
Raising his head slowly, Devlin let his gaze rest on the visitor. She was tall, probably near five ten or eleven. She was stacked. Her hips curved in the shiny black material of her costume. Said material was so slick, so precisely sheathed over her body, that the crevice at her juncture was clearly visible. His gaze instantly rested there. His mouth watered.
Because he was a seasoned playboy, Devlin never rushed, but for the first time felt an overwhelming urge to move quickly. His gaze slowly lifted to her breasts, where again, that black material hugged the heavy globes, pushing them upward so that very pleasant mounds peeked out. From the plunging neckline, he saw that her skin was a creamy brown tone. Her face was partially covered by the mask over her eyes. But…her eyes…
They were green, a sharp green that glittered in the dimly lit office. A green that didn’t seem quite normal.
It was when his gaze fell to her mouth, her full succulent lips, that he remembered she’d said something. “Appointments are made through my administrative assistant.”
“Not this type of appointment.”
He stood ramrod straight, then slipped his hands into his pockets again. He was experiencing an overpowering urge to reach out and touch her, to feel her inviting curves in his hands. Then he would fuck her hard and fast. “And what type of appointment is this?”
She took a step forward, then with a movement that was as smooth, as natural-looking as if she were born super agile, she lifted a leg and climbed up onto his desk. She was on all fours coming straight at him when she murmured, “This is personal.”

EXCLUSIVE: Devlin Decatur Speaks!

Devlin’s Desire
Ellora’s Cave


Devlin Decatur
Occupation: CEO Decatur Enterprises
Age: 35
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 210
Species: Panthera Onca of the melanistic variety (black jaguar)


I am just a man.
However, my genetics will tell a different story.
It is not my fault, this mixture of man and beast that I am.
Now, she is here. She is like me, she says. She needs me, she insists.
But I am just a man.